Indulge your senses with the harmonious blend of traditional Korean recipes and contemporary culinary techniques at Doshrock, a culinary haven nestled in Montreal, where we invite you to savor the rich heritage and unparalleled taste of Korean cuisine.


Origin of Doshrock

The word "도시락" ("Doshrock" - pronounced "dosirak") is a Korean term that refers to a packed or boxed meal, similar to a bento box. It is commonly used in Korean cuisine.

The term "도시락" (doshrock) does not have a direct English equivalent, but it can be loosely translated as "lunch box" or "packed meal." It typically consists of a variety of dishes such as rice, vegetables, meat, or fish, neatly packed in a container.

The origin of the word "도시락" (doshrock) is rooted in the Korean language itself. It is believed to be derived from the combination of two Korean words: "도시다" (dosida), meaning "to pack," and "락" (rock), which denotes a meal or food.

Over time, "도시락" (dosirak) has become a widely used term in Korea to describe packed meals that are often prepared for school or work lunches, picnics, or other occasions where a portable meal is needed.




Experience our culinary creations made with fresh ingredients. With every bite, you'll taste exceptional freshness and vibrant flavors.


Embark on a journey of authentic flavors as our chefs masterfully prepare traditional recipes, staying true to the vibrant K-trends and rich K-culture of South Korea that inspire our menu.


Our staff is committed to providing top-notch service, ensuring your dining experience is seamless, enjoyable, and memorable from start to finish.


Immerse yourself in the welcoming atmosphere of our restaurant, where a harmonious blend of upbeat K-pop music and friendly hospitality creates the perfect setting for an unforgettable meal.


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